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Iedere YouVersion gebruiker kan lid worden van een groep. Ze worden opgezet door kerken, Bijbelstudie groepen, en andere organisaties, en ze zijn de manier om de YouVersion Live evenementen die de groep organiseert, bij te houden. Je kunt lid zijn van meerdere groepen tegelijk.

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  • Pure Heart Christian Fellowship
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Pure Heart Christian Fellowship » Church
    Pure Heart Christian Fellowship
  • FBCO 940 college
    1 Lid(Leden)
    FBCO 940 college » Church
    FBCO 940 college
  • Hope Dealers
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Hope Dealers » Church
    Hope Dealers
  • Southside Assembly of God - Lakeland, FL
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Southside Assembly of God - Lakeland, FL » Church
    Southside Assembly of God - Lakeland, FL
  • Capitol City Christian Church
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Capitol City Christian Church » Church
    Capitol City Christian Church
  • Hope Community
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Hope Community » Church
    Hope Community
  • Austin Oaks Church
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Austin Oaks Church » Church
    Austin Oaks Church
  • River Run Church
    2 Lid(Leden)
    River Run Church » Church
    Connecting communities to Christ and one another.
  • Northlake Church
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Northlake Church » Church
    Northlake Church
  • Proverb's Women
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Proverb's Women » Small Group
    We will be discussing what is a Proverb's Woman. An example of our discussions are as follows, however, this and all meetings will be lead by the Holy Spirit, so you never know where the meetings or blogs will head: How we were created and what is our purpose. Who are you? What is a Helper? How do you help/assist? When helping hinders. Examples of Women in the Bible, who do you closely resemble? Wife, Mother, Sister, Aunt, Girlfriend, Boss, Coworker I look, I walk, I talk, I do, what? Before, during and after marriage Love and sex and relationships These discussions are not written in stone. Every meeting, you will be given the opportunity to ask or write down a question that you want answered. The questions will be discussed at the meeting if time permits, or put on the blog. The blog is Or if you use facebook the group link is: To enhance the relative discussions that need exploration, you are open to ask questions without judgement. If you have a question and don't want your question identified, send it via email Your question will be posted but you will not be identified. No question is foolish and all questions will be answered.
  • The Dude Group
    1 Lid(Leden)
    The Dude Group » Small Group
    The Dude Group
  • AriseChurch
    1 Lid(Leden)
    AriseChurch » Church
  • Jóvenes de Impacto - Impacto de Fe, Baradero, Bs. As.
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Jóvenes de Impacto - Impacto de Fe, Baradero, Bs. As. » Church
    Jóvenes de Impacto - Impacto de Fe, Baradero, Bs. As.
  • Church of Humanity
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Church of Humanity » Church
    Church of Humanity
  • Open Heaven Church
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Open Heaven Church » Church
    Open Heaven Church
  • Smallgroup Wiesbaden City
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Smallgroup Wiesbaden City » Church
    Smallgroup Wiesbaden City
  • The Grove Church
    1 Lid(Leden)
    The Grove Church » Church
    The Grove is a new church in Fort Collins, CO. What began as a dream to see people in this town connect with God in an engaging way has become a church centered around that vision! Our mission is to Love God, Love People, and Live Out. Everything that we do revolves around this purpose.
  • Realife 9.12 West
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Realife 9.12 West » Church
    Realife 9.12 West
  • Realife 6.8 West
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Realife 6.8 West » Church
    Sermon Notes for Realife 6.8 West messages
  • Realife 6.8 South
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Realife 6.8 South » Church
    Sermon Notes for Realife 6.8 South messages
  • APC/TCC Youth
    1 Lid(Leden)
    APC/TCC Youth » Church
    APC/TCC Youth
  • Realife 9.12 South
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Realife 9.12 South » Church
    Sermon Notes for Realife 9.12 South messages
  • Accountability Group WBCC
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Accountability Group WBCC » Church
    Accountability Group WBCC
  • Little Paint Morning Worship
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Little Paint Morning Worship » Church
    Little Paint Morning Worship
  • Word Alive Church Lawton
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Word Alive Church Lawton » Church
    Word Alive Church Lawton