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Iedere YouVersion gebruiker kan lid worden van een groep. Ze worden opgezet door kerken, Bijbelstudie groepen, en andere organisaties, en ze zijn de manier om de YouVersion Live evenementen die de groep organiseert, bij te houden. Je kunt lid zijn van meerdere groepen tegelijk.

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  • Test
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Test » Church
  • CCICNV 週五家庭團契查經
    1 Lid(Leden)
    CCICNV 週五家庭團契查經 » Church
    CCICNV 週五家庭團契查經
  • Pine Level Baptist Church
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Pine Level Baptist Church » Church
    Pine Level Baptist Church
  • Conroe Life Church
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Conroe Life Church » Church
    Conroe Life Church
  • My Family Baptist
    1 Lid(Leden)
    My Family Baptist » Church
    My Family Baptist
  • FYA | Clyde's
    1 Lid(Leden)
    FYA | Clyde's » Church
    FYA | Clyde's
  • Biserica Flacara Inchinarii
    2 Lid(Leden)
    Biserica Flacara Inchinarii » Church
    Biserica Flacara Inchinarii
  • City Pentecostal Church
    1 Lid(Leden)
    City Pentecostal Church » Church
    City Pentecostal Church
  • Boonville
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Boonville » Church
  • Berkeley Mt. Zion
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Berkeley Mt. Zion » Church
    Berkeley Mt. Zion
  • Lectura diaria ICIAR
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Lectura diaria ICIAR » Church
    Lectura diaria ICIAR
  • Men of Bridges Church
    2 Lid(Leden)
    Men of Bridges Church » Church
    Men of Bridges Church
  • iciar
    1 Lid(Leden)
    iciar » Church
  • CTI Bible readers
    2 Lid(Leden)
    CTI Bible readers » Church
    CTI Bible readers
  • CLC StudentLife Student Leaders
    1 Lid(Leden)
    CLC StudentLife Student Leaders » Church
    CLC StudentLife Student Leaders
  • ROCKharbor Church
    1 Lid(Leden)
    ROCKharbor Church » Church
    ROCKharbor Church
  • Crossroads Church
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Crossroads Church » Church
    Crossroads Church
  • Vaughn Hill
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Vaughn Hill » Church
    Vaughn Hill
  • PEPC
    1 Lid(Leden)
    PEPC » Church
  • IP Mens Discipleship
    1 Lid(Leden)
    IP Mens Discipleship » Small Group
    A growing collective of men globally who love Jesus passionately and want to follow Him simply.
  • Men of Hope
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Men of Hope » Small Group
    A J O U R N E Y T O R E S T O R A T I O N - The goal of Men of Hope is to help deported individuals restore their life. Every person and situation is unique, however to accomplish this restoration, we find it useful to imagine the journey moving through three phases: rescue, rebuild and restore. These three Rs help us remember (another R!) that the purpose for a process is to move toward the goal. The first phase focuses on the individual; the next extends to build new friendships; in the final phase, the goal is to reunite the family.
  • Trenton First UMC
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Trenton First UMC » Church
    Trenton First UMC
  • YT Gravity Students
    1 Lid(Leden)
    YT Gravity Students » Church
    YT Gravity Students
  • Nueva Esperanza
    2 Lid(Leden)
    Nueva Esperanza » Church
    Nueva Esperanza
  • City Pentecostal Church
    1 Lid(Leden)
    City Pentecostal Church » Church
    City Pentecostal Church is committed to making disciples in Malawi and around the world by bringing people from a life of darkness into newness of life in Christ and full of the Holy Spirit.