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Iedere YouVersion gebruiker kan lid worden van een groep. Ze worden opgezet door kerken, Bijbelstudie groepen, en andere organisaties, en ze zijn de manier om de YouVersion Live evenementen die de groep organiseert, bij te houden. Je kunt lid zijn van meerdere groepen tegelijk.

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  • Velma Baptist Church
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Velma Baptist Church » Church
    Velma Baptist Church exists to love God and serve people.
  • Family Worship Center - Murfreesboro
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Family Worship Center - Murfreesboro » Church
    Family Worship Center - Murfreesboro
    1 Lid(Leden)
    THE LATOISON » Small Group
  • Church Project Cincy
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Church Project Cincy » Church
    Church Project Cincy
  • First Baptist Church St. Charles
    1 Lid(Leden)
    First Baptist Church St. Charles » Church
    Our mission is to BELIEVE, LOVE, FOLLOW, and SHARE Jesus together.
  • Mom and Tots Markham
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Mom and Tots Markham » Church
    Mom and Tots Markham
  • FCCUnion
    1 Lid(Leden)
    FCCUnion » Church
  • The Arsenal Worship Team
    1 Lid(Leden)
    The Arsenal Worship Team » Church
    The Arsenal Worship Team group devotional
  • Purpose Claremont | The Hub
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Purpose Claremont | The Hub » Church
    Purpose Claremont | The Hub
  • Iglesia Misión Cristiana Ciudad Deseada
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Iglesia Misión Cristiana Ciudad Deseada » Church
    Iglesia Misión Cristiana Ciudad Deseada
  • TPE Namur Jeunes
    1 Lid(Leden)
    TPE Namur Jeunes » Church
    TPE Namur Jeunes
  • Hagood Youth
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Hagood Youth » Church
    Hagood Youth
  • Dodge City Nazarene
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Dodge City Nazarene » Church
    Here at DCNaz we desire to create a safe place. This allows you to belong to our congregation, believe in Jesus, and become the person God has called you to be.
  • New Hope Church
    1 Lid(Leden)
    New Hope Church » Church
    New Hope Church
  • Clemson Foothills Church
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Clemson Foothills Church » Church
    Christians are called to walk like Jesus. At the Clemson Foothills Church our conviction is to follow Jesus, to love like him, live like him and treat others the way he did. This isn't a message we invented rather it was taught by Jesus himself. (Matthew 16:24-26) We come together weekly to pray, sing, and take communion. We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. We want to help all people know God through Jesus. We practice baptism for the forgiveness of sins (Acts 2:36-38) and believe that the way we live is as important as what we teach. (1 Timothy 4:16) Please come join us as we strive to love God, glorify Him, and help others to know Him as well.
  • River's Edge Community Church
    1 Lid(Leden)
    River's Edge Community Church » Church
    River's Edge Community Church
  • Childlike Minds
    3 Lid(Leden)
    Childlike Minds » Church
    Childlike Minds
  • Come2Go Ministries
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Come2Go Ministries » Church
    We are simply a group of imperfect people committed to learning who Jesus is and what it looks like to follow him. COME AND SEE We believe Jesus is someone worth knowing. We try to create an an environment where you can come and see who Jesus is. We’ve tried to take some of the, “churchiness” out of church so anyone can come and see and know they are welcome. COME TO FOLLOW We believe Jesus is someone worth following. We provide opportunities for for people of all ages to consider what it might look like to live life with Jesus. Come2Go is a community where you can safely ask your questions about faith and God and life no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. GO AND SERVE We believe Jesus is someone worth serving. We serve Jesus by serving people in our community, in our city, and around the world. It’s easy to get plugged in with any one of our GoTeams or to start a new one.
    1 Lid(Leden)
    JEUGD EGMA » Church
  • Centerville Solid Rock Church of God
    2 Lid(Leden)
    Centerville Solid Rock Church of God » Church
    Centerville Solid Rock Church of God
  • Grace Connection Church
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Grace Connection Church » Church
    Grace Connection Church
  • Lake Superior Christian Church
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Lake Superior Christian Church » Church
    Lake Superior Christian Church
  • Emmanuel Baptist Church Portales
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Emmanuel Baptist Church Portales » Church
    Emmanuel Baptist Church Portales
  • Hampton Christian Academy
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Hampton Christian Academy » Church
    Hampton Christian Academy
  • Grace Bible Church Gilbert
    1 Lid(Leden)
    Grace Bible Church Gilbert » Church
    Grace Bible Church Gilbert is a small church with a BIG vision! We are a church that wants to impact lives for Christ. Our Pastor, is Pastor Larry Rupp. You can listen to his messages on our website!